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Need Help?

Although NOW is not a service organization, and cannot provide help to individual women,
are some resources that may be of help to women in the Gainesville area.

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NOW is funded solely by
memberships and donations from supporters. Any
financial help you can give
is greatly appreciated.

To make a donations using your credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank, go to, and donate any amount using the email address:
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Checks made be mailed to:
Gainesville Area NOW
P.O. Box 35848
Gainesville, FL 32605

Executive Board for 2011-2012

President/Treasurer - Whitney Mutch

VP - Robbin Cochran
Secretary - Lynn Hurtak
Membership Director - Lisa Labbe
Outreach Coordinator - Justin Kersell

What is NOW?     
    NOW is a multi-issue political organization. NOW's self-defined role has been to initiate change for the benefit of the greatest number of people, to affect the legal and institutional structures of the society in a way that systematically expands the choices and possibilities available to all women. In this way, NOW takes action to bring women, as a class, into the mainstream of society, rather than offering aid to individual women, in achieving personal solutions or temporary relief from oppression, exercising all privileges and responsibilities  thereof in true partnership with men.

Our Key Issues

      Abortion/Reproductive Rights
                Constitutional Equality
         Promoting Diversity                                Economic Justice
        Ending Violence Against Women
            Lesbian/Bisexual Rights

What are our other important issues?

Affirmative Action                               Rape Awareness

Morning-After Pill Access                    National Health-Care

Universal Child Care                            No More Stolen Elections!

Get Women Out to Vote!                     Family Law


Gainesville Area NOW has been fighting for women's rights since 1982.

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